Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Impresses With Heartwarming Super Bowl Advertisements

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) figures that this Super Bowl season, is where it can do its best sales talk. Airing national level 2015 Super Bowl advertisements, for only the second attempt in the company’s history, the advertisements are engaging heart-wrenching human stories of achievement, made possible, by the technology Microsoft provides. The soulful stories have an impact, as popular hip hop artist, Common, reads out passages from CEO Satya Nadella’s speeches, in the background. Common, late Sunday night tweeted that he was honored to be part of Microsoft’s super Bowl commercial, ‘Great people doing Great things.’

The two, 60-second advertisement spots are estimated to be worth between $8.8million and $9 million per slot. Both of the advertisements continue the campaign begun last year, focusing on ‘empowering’ Microsoft users.

Ad spots: Feel Good, Social Changes

The advertisement showcases Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) technology, software and social responsibility as the center of social and community changes by committed sentinels, who rise above their limiting backgrounds to bring about social justice and equality, besides, healthcare.

The first of the advertisement’s highlight ‘Estella Pyfrom’s’ struggle and eventual success in bringing education to underprivileged families, through the Brilliant Bus, a mobile learning platform which takes technology to such community doorsteps.

The second advertisement tells the nostalgic story of technology behind prosthetic limbs which helped 6-year old O’Neill to play, despite being born without tibia and fibula in his legs.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) with the new Super bowl commercials makes a clear statement of ‘change.’ The theme of the commercials is to explain Microsoft software’s ‘accessibility’ aspect, helping common man to ring in changes at community and grass root levels, at social levels. Microsoft wishes to see users think of it as an ‘empowering’ company with the proprietary software it offers.

Microsoft’s New Super Bowl commercials tell touching technology stories, marking the changing faces of the company and application possibilities of Microsoft’s software!