Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Reiterates Game Content Users linking to MSFT

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has once again updated the rules for Game Content Usage. The new changes follow the recent spate of revisions and directions it had issued with regard to the use of the games content in particular to ‘YouTube videos as well as Twitch streams,’ content use.

Microsoft Corporations top line-up of games, developed in-house, has held their own against each newer generation of online games by indie game developers. The result is that a whole lot of content is generated by users of these games on mainstream web media, such as YouTube as well as Twitch.

In recent times, Microsoft Corp has amended its rules such that the content that users develop should restrain from referring to the company’s brand of game titles. However, the wording of the rule changes left a lot to be desired, as in the first reading it appeared to forbid users from using Microsoft game titles to ‘describe’ their own vids. However, Microsoft was quick to issue clarification, by way of updates. The changes allow users to refer generically to brand Microsoft games, without explicitly using the titles to appear they are officially connected or Microsoft Corp’s original publications.

There were examples and usage directions via blog post by Larry Hryb at Microsoft.

He reiterated in his post that the policy was to ensure that the creators of games should leverage the ability to be found on searches through gaming content. Towards this end, Microsoft Corporation remains proactive, he remarked. However, the requirement for game content creators is to ensure that there is no direct use of Microsoft as being the original creator of the game. He reiterated that it was acceptable if creators used phrases such as, ‘let’s play Forza MotorSport 5’as part of tis Social media network use, but the problem is when it was instead used as ‘Halo:Covenant Strike.’

He also shared that generic terms of reference to Microsoft original work, such as ‘tips and strategies for Halo 5’ were harmless and tagging it on Social media too were acceptable!