Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) To Conquer iOS Through “Invite” Scheduling App

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has created a new scheduling app called “Invite” as part of extending its mobile strategy to iOS.

The new app is designed to schedule or organize meetings, a feature that will especially be attractive to most users for setting up their schedules. The application has a simplistic nature where users can log in or sign up using any email address. Users can then set up events and invite anyone from their email contacts to select potentially convenient times to hold the events. The invites can then vote on the ideal time to hold the event.

Once the date has been agreed on, it conveniently registers on everyone’s calendar. It is a convenient way for employers and employees to set up meetings especially if the meetings involve more than one company. Additionally, the app does not interfere with other people’s calendars because it does not reveal the schedules of other people.

The app is another amazing offering from Microsoft to complement its increasing focus on iOS products such as the iOS Office Suite and a few others. The “Invite” application is quick and easy to use and does not deviate from its core objective. Also, simple features such as voting for a specific time are cleverly thought out to save time as well as enhancing convenience. This way, users can avoid time-consuming calls trying to get a hold of others to discuss the ideal time for their meetings.

Invite’s existence is courtesy of a group of engineers, designers and interns who have been brainstorming new ideas for new projects. They are part of what the company calls Microsoft Garage. The main goal of the Garage is to allow the developers to come up with creative products and content without having to be confined by the company’s regular environment. Invite is currently available for iOS in Canada and the US. Microsoft will launch the Android and Windows Phone versions in the future.

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