Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Window Phone Developers ‘Watch’ the Buyers

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Window’s Phone App developers have a nugget of information stashed away in the download statistics. Surprisingly, the number of downloads from the Windows Phone App store were from mobile versions which have 512 MB memory and lesser. This means that the most number of downloads are happening to the highest extent on the low-budget phones.

As per Microsoft’s metrics, phones which have RAM that is miniscule or in the region of half-gigabyte is a ‘low memory’ device.

For developers is this is a very important differentiator. They will have to focus on two aspects here when they are developing Windows Phone OS apps. The first fact is that maximum revenues will be possible if their app is optimized for the small memory devices. The second aspect which will hold a bearing on their development scope remains the fact that at this juncture, Microsoft does not appear to be pushing the high-memory Windows Phone. Much of its concentration appears to be consolidating the smaller memory, low-cost windows phones.

Lumia Phones in the low-budget see high Download

According to statistical inference, where the number of app downloads for the high memory Windows smartphone was nearly nil, the low-memory models were seeing brisk downloads. Within this, Lumia low-cost, low memory model, Lumia 520 saw downloads hovering at 30% of the download level.

Progressively higher Lumia models were found to have lesser download statistics, exemplifying the fact that downloads of apps was highest in the low-cost category chiefly.

More importantly, for Microsoft is the quality of the user base of the low-cost Windows Phone OS apps. Most downloads were in China, India with the market sizes in other countries, such as UK, France, Russia, Mexico and Brazil likely to grow in the coming years. Microsoft Windows Phone OS developers now have well-analyzed strategy for app development.