Microsoft Corporation Loses Key Executives Blurring Its Long-Term Vision of the Xbox TV

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is witnessing a hostile turn of events pointing towards the end of its vision to revolutionize the Xbox One and launch it as a huge scale living room platform. Most of the company’s top executives who were directly associated with the project have turned away from Microsoft to seek new ventures.

While several key executives who have been working on the Xbox One project have already resigned, the most recent setback came as Boyd Multerer announced his resignation on Twitter. On Dec 29, he tweeted that he is leaving Microsoft to focus on new opportunities.

Multerer, the founder of Xbox Live, has played a vital role in developing the Xbox 360 and building the three operating systems in one Xbox One platform. In February, the Microsoft engineer had announced the launch of “Silkwords,” an interactive erotica website. It was a joint venture that Multerer had taken up with his wife. After the launch of his initial startup, he now seeks to pursue further such ventures. He announced his resignation on Twitter yesterday.

With Multerer’s resignation, Microsoft has lost most of its key executives that formed the Xbox One team. A video featuring almost the entire team of the project was released in November after the launch of the console. However, most of those people are no longer associated with the Xbox One.

While some of them have left the company, others have been reassigned to work under Phil Spencer, Xbox chief. Some of the names include former Xbox VP, Marc Whitten, program manager, Ben Smith and the Kinect development head, Kareem Choudhry. The Xbox group program manager, Jeff Henshaw, remains the only exception in the list.

What blurs Microsoft’s long-term vision of developing the Xbox TV is that Spencer, the current Xbox chief, is more inclined towards games. Under his supervision, Xbox One managed to win over the PS4 for the first time.