Chevron (CVX) First Gas Company to Introduce Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s Pay Service

Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX), the gas company, said that it plans to adopt the Apple Pay service for customers at its pumps. The company announced the news through its official Twitter website on Monday.

Chevron said that it is working with Apple to become an official partner of its Apple Pay support. This would make the gas and oil company the only one in its league to have such a contract with Apple.

Chevron and Apple are already working together since October when Chevron adopted its pay support at its stores. However, the service had not been extended to the company’s gas pump stations. Chevron had only adopted Apple’s tap-to-pay service for its convenience stores.

The news from Chevron was announced on the backdrop of the report that Apple has approached United Kingdom’s banks to allow the launch of Apple Pay. The iPhone manufacturer seeks to introduce the service in the UK by early 2015. Together with the initiation of service at Chevron pumps and the UK expansion project, the New Year could bring Apple major advances.

To expand support, Apple also plans to integrate the service with other legacy devices as soon as possible. Until now, the Apple Pay service is restricted to the company’s latest launches- the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, Apple already has plans to introduce the Apple Watch in early 2015. Hence, this would provide owners of the previous version of the iPhone to integrate their devices with the Apple Watch to avail the Apple Pay service on their iPhones without upgrading.

Chevron however has not announced any specific date as to when it will commence the service at the gas pumps. Nevertheless, in a tweet, the company did mention that it is making efforts to introduce the Apple Pay support for in-store sales by the end of the coming year.