Microsoft makes power team with Adger Energy and Powel

Microsoft partners with two Norwegian companies to develop an intelligent power grid. Using its technologies like Azure intelligent cloud, Power BI and Azure IoT hub together with Powel’s expertise, it will develop tools for the Norwegian – based power company, Agder Energi. This project will help the power company to enhance their performance so that they can better dispatch new energy resources, device controls, predictive forecasting.

Tom Nysted is CEO of Adger Energi. In an interview, he attested that Adger Energi wants to employ some new technology to make the power grid more efficient, predictable and flexible. They wish to become not just energy generators but also partners with their customers and aims to be more active with their role in society.

This pilot project with the three companies aims to manifest the way transmission companies can use cloud – services like that of Microsoft to enforce smart grid solutions on a range of energy and sustainability benefits.

Meanwhile, Bard Benum, Powel CEO, assures the team of their full support in providing their strong domain expertise. They are the integration and forecasting partner in this project and they vowed to work hard to successfully integrate Adger’s SCADA to Microsoft’s Azure Lot Hub. They will also provide demand and production forecasts for wind and sun in the region.

Adger Energi has a substation which operates at one hundred and twenty percent of its capacity for several times throughout the year. It is her that this project will be carried out.

There are several benefits to this cloud – based technology supporting the grid. One of which is that it can help the operators at the plant in predicting peak hour demand forecasts. It can also bring in distributed resources to reduce demand on the substation.

The collaboration is expected to enable automatic balancing of renewable energy and load control to peak in almost real time. Renewable energy resources and advancement in intelligent cloud technology work together to drive a digital transformation in grid operations. Microsoft’s Corporate IoT Business Development Vice President, Kevin Dallas, said of this in an interview with the press.

Setting up more power grid solutions like that of Adger’s will definitely advance distribution of renewable energy and power generation. This brings the utility industry to greener pasture and builds up for us a sustainable world.