Ronaldo takes selfie during the match

Cristiano Ronaldo must be one of those persons that really enjoys being in the spotlight. He definitely got used to it and how wouldn’t he since he is considered to be one of the top players of his generation. But he, like the rest of the world, was surprised when he was asked to take a selfie by the pitch invader. No more and no less but during the course of the game.

The 31-year-old Real Madrid and Portugal superstar was just getting ready for the kick-off of the second half of the Faroe Islands – Portugal match when he was approached by a fan. Pitch invader was carrying a smartphone in his hand, and it was clear what his intention was.

At first, Ronaldo was taken back by surprise, but he quickly asked for permission from the sidelines to proceed with taking a photo. After he was given the green light, he put his hand around the pitch-invader and smiled for his photo. After the selfie was taken Ronaldo smiled politely and gave his fan a tap on the back. This was a clear signal to him that it’s time to go. A couple of moments later he was taken out by stewards, but he was certainly overflowing with joy.

This situation brought a smile to Cristiano Ronaldo as he was smiling and looked very satisfied with himself and a good deed he has done.

The situation might have been very different if the result wasn’t 3-0 in Portugal’s favor. They were holding 3-0 lead thanks to the Andre Silva hat-trick. Three-time Golden Ball winner Ronaldo managed to get himself on the scoresheet in the second half when he scored the fourth goal for his country.

The game was eventually ended with 6-0 score and with no result uncertainty the game was marked by Ronaldo and his fan.