Microsoft Surface Phone Will Not Debut Until 2019


Microsoft Corporation is famous for trying to keep everything it plans to launch a secret and they don’t allow any information to leak. They are extremely careful when it comes to the new Surface Phone, for which we have nothing but rumors and speculations as the new device is expected to mimic the success of Surface Book, Surface Pro and Surface Studio.

However, there is some news about company’s plans and as it appears based on various reports, and in 2017, Microsoft does want to launch a new Windows Phone, but it will not be the rumored Surface Phone. According to Germany’s Windows United reports, the new Surface Phone will be a revolutionary device since it will incorporate a PC into a smartphone form. The new phone is expected to debut with full PC features that are inspired by Windows 10 ARM chips. It is also said that a CShell adaptive UI will be available and it should allow the phone to be compatible with various display media and input devices.


According to some sources close to Panos Panay team in Redmond, most of the rumors are true, but the Surface Phone will probably not arrive in 2018 considering that Microsoft wants a “ruthlessly” effective comeback to the mobile stage. In other words, the manufacturer doesn’t want its Surface Phone to arrive earlier because now is the chance for a mobile comeback.

DrWindows from Germany says that the year when the Surface Phone will appear in the market, is 2019. They still need to figure some things up and tie up the loose ends of CShell, Windows 10 ARM, Windows 10 Cloud and Windows 10 Mobile, before a launch of a PC in a smartphone form is possible. If you were looking forward to the new Surface, you would have to be patient.

Even though we will not see the Surface Phone until 2019, Microsoft will probably reveal a new phone this year to test the market. Rumor has it that new Windows 10 smartphone that will be produced by Microsoft will be similar to the Lumia line. The official reveal of this Windows smartphone is expected by the end of 2017 and it will look like the Lumia 950 and 950XL. However, it will bring a sharper camera, faster processor, bezel-less screen, while fingerprint sensor might be a feature as well.