Dallas Cowboys Re-Sign Terrance Williams

Source: TexasHSFootball.com

Dallas Cowboys haven’t made much noise in the Free Agency so far, but they are doing whatever they can to keep what they already have in place. They have been the best offensive team in the NFC during the regular season, and they have done it with a group of guys that played together, with everybody stepping up at some point of the season.

Their core of wideouts wasn’t consistent all year long as there were many occasions that the star of the game wasn’t the player that played well the game before. Even though they didn’t have that one consistent lead in their wideouts group, their strength was the fact that opposing defense didn’t know for whom to game-plan.

Source: insidethestar.com

One of those guys on the offensive side of the ball that contributed to this team being the number one seed in the NFC was Terrance Williams. Dallas Cowboys have decided that they are going to bring him back, and it’s not just for one more year, but for four more. He has signed a 4-year deal worth a bit over 17 million dollars with the only team that he ever played for.

Last season, Williams was able to catch 44 passes for 594 yards and four scores. He is not the number one guy in the Cowboys balanced offense, but he is a reliable option and a big target alongside Dez Bryant. He is someone that Dallas can count on as he hasn’t missed any games since he has been picked up by the Cowboys in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He’s been somebody that has produced for this team not only this past season but in his first three years as well. Now, he will be a Cowboy for the foreseeable future.