Minority Report Season 2 Called Off


Renewing and canceling TV Shows has been going on for most of the TV networks, but so far they’ve made a massacre. To begin with, ABC has been mercilessly getting rid of a large number of series. Now, Fox is pointing the gun at their own cast more than ever. They officially canceled one of the boldest new shows from Fall 2015 and announced that we will not get to see Season 2 of Minority Report.

It was believed that Minority Report was destined to achieve success, due to the movie of the same name from 2002 and pushy marketing. However, the show being canceled isn’t a big surprise. It hasn’t been aired from November 2015, and even after that, no one was talking about its future.

The pilot episode was fairly promising, and the precogs storyline was pretty new comparing to the other shows. The visual effects were quite satisfying, and Meagan Good showed herself as a good leading role. Sadly, the series never hit it off with the audience, and the premiere was so poorly rated that the show was doomed from the beginning. Originally, there were 13 episodes, but they were slashed to 10 after only 3 were aired. Surely, the Minority Report fans could have seen the cancellation coming and aren’t that surprised.


Unfortunately, this one might have succeeded on some different network. Perhaps the insufficient numbers that were needed for Fox to carry on with the show could have been enough for a small cable network. There are no signs that Fox would offer the series to other channels or that they would put it on an online streaming service, so now we can only guess whether it would have made it outside its home network.

Fox has been ruthless to its newcomer projects, especially to the comedies. This company called off both Grandfathered and Grinder, although they could have sacrificed one and concentrated on the other. The animated show Bordertown was also brought to an end. As for sci-fi, Minority Report isn’t the only one to suffer, as Second Chance was canceled as well.