7 Misconceptions about Smoking and Bongs


Recreational Marijuana use is popular amongst populations of different age groups, especially now in the past few years when legalization is happening in tons of different countries. Honestly, there isn’t a real reason why recreational Marijuana use should remain forbidden in different parts of the world, especially when people are purchasing it for medical reasons as well.


Sure, it’s not a good thing to use the excuse that Marijuana consumption is popular in the natural medicine bubble, but when it’s available in your country and you can freely use it, why not? After all, relaxing is linked to medicine. Being stress-free and calm at all times is great for the nerves. One of the main benefits of cannabis consumption is relaxation, so it’s really popular amongst people who live a tense lifestyle.

There are multiple ways of consuming cannabis, so no matter what your reason is, we won’t get into that, you need to find your favorite way of consuming it. Some prefer cooking brownies with cana-butter, others prefer smoking it. Today we’ll focus on those who prefer smoking Marijuana. It’s considered the most fun and time-efficient way of consuming it, but there are also a few misconceptions circling around it. Let’s see what those are.

1. It “hits you more” when using a bong


Beginners, those who never smoked Marijuana before for recreational purposes, think that consuming it out of a bong will enhance the effects and make them dizzy. This is simply not true. Smoking out of a bong is just like regular smoking except it is more fun and you can inhale a lot more, which is probably why they are linking it to “the different effect”. Effects are the same no matter how you consume Marijuana. Except for brownies, that type of effect lasts longer, but it also takes a lot more for it to start. But, if you really like to “take things slow” with smoking, maybe don’t use a bong the first few times. It really doesn’t matter though, it’s all the same, just don’t inhale so much and you’re good.

2. The effects last longer when using a bong

The effects certainly don’t last long when you’re using a bong. Once again, it’s probably what others are saying because they manage to inhale a lot more smoke through a bong than they do by smoking Marijuana in the form of a cigarette. Obviously, if you inhale more smoke, you’ll have longer-lasting effects, but that has nothing to do with the bong. Some bongs have tighter holes for inhaling, others have larger ones. If you are interested in viewing different model types herbtools is a website where you can do so.

3. “It’s difficult to use one”

Honestly, it’s a lot more difficult to crumb the plant with or without using a grinder, and then roll a perfectly-made cigarette that won’t fall of while you’re trying to smoke it. It’s not how people think it is when it comes to difficulty of usage. Using a bong is indeed much easier than rolling a cigarette on your own, especially if you have no previous experience with it. Not to mention that you have so many online tutorials about bongs, how they work, how to set them up and everything else that you need to know about it.


4. “Smoking impairs your ability to work”

Smoking out of a bong doesn’t impair your ability to work. Speaking from personal experience even, working after recreationally using Marijuana improves your focus and helps you stay concentrated for a longer period of time. Numerous celebrities have confirmed this to be their own experience as well in the past. Of course, it’s highly individual, but it’s worth mentioning that this is a misconception.

5. “You’ll waste more Marijuana when using a bong”

Another common misconception that prevents people from enjoying recreational usage out of a bong. No, you don’t waste more of your herb when using a bong. Maybe it seems like it burns faster and all that, but you can only inhale as much, and your effects will be equivalent to the amount you inhaled. Should you worry about wasting tour marijuana faster when using a bong? Absolutely not. If you are burning a cigarette, chances are that you’ll waste more. At least all the smoke is being inhaled when you’re using a bong instead of it going out in the air like it does with a normal cigarette form.

6. “Bongs are Illegal”

It’s not illegal to own a bong. In fact, it’s not illegal to own a bong even in countries where Marijuana usage is forbidden. So, that clears your largest misconception. In countries where Marijuana usage is legal, it is even encouraged to use a bong because you waste no resources by doing so, unlike rolling and smoking a paper cigarette.

7. “It’s not easy to find a good looking bong”

Last but not least, design is everything for people who really take their “stoner culture” seriously. Bongs are quite the aesthetically pleasing objects and they can easily make a room look better, especially if you have an entire collection of them somewhere on your shelves. So, the last and final misconception is that you cannot find a good looking bong, which is simply not true. Designs nowadays are pretty “insane” and you can find one in almost any style imaginable. Some are themed according to various cartoons associated with this culture, such as Rick and Morty for example, while others are more traditional and simple.



There are many misconceptions about smoking Marijuana and using a bong, so today we decided to clear those up for you. It’s definitely one of the most fun ways of consuming Marijuana for recreational purposes so if you are a fan of the herb and you still haven’t tried it, we definitely recommend it. Please not that moderation is key when using any recreational substances, even if they are natural and harmless like Cannabis is. Don’t over-do it though, that’s very important.