Mission: Impossible 6 Delayed – Tom Cruise Injured

Source: www.tmz.com

In case some of his numerous fans didn’t hear, Tom Cruise suffered some injuries on the set of Mission: Impossible 6. Namely, it has turned out that those are worse than we imagined. The star of the franchise has broken two bones and shooting of the movie will have to be delayed by months.

As we all know, Tom Cruise has always taken pride in his ability to perform his own stunts, but this time he injured himself. This happened when he jumped from one rooftop in London on Aug. 13 on the set of the sixth installment of Mission: Impossible. While there were some reports stating that the injury wasn’t so serious, the facts that the production of the movie was postponed and that Tom has gone back to the U.S. to recover speak for themselves. Cruise broke two bones in his ankle by slamming into a building, and it will take him months to heal, according to some reports.

The Moment of The Injury – Source: youtube.com

Since Tom is the leading actor in the film and its whole story follows him, not much can be done without his presence. Video of the accident which showed the Oscar nominated actor attempting to jump between rooftops has been released. It can be clearly seen in it that he tumbled into the outer wall of the building and that the collision could easily break bones. Moreover, we did notice the way he clings to his ankle, and that was the clear sign that something is wrong.

An insider close to production stated that Tom is a bit beat up, but that he is rather brave and that this won’t in any way stop him from doing more stunts in the future. He calls this just a bad day at work and looks forward to moving on.

We wish him to recover soon and we’ll keep you informed of anything we find out.