What Does The Miz Think About LaVar Ball Segment On Raw?


The fact WWE is always trying to get into the mainstream media can sometimes be a bad thing. It seems that they are often more interested in grabbing the attention of the others rather than put on good wrestling shows. They don’t understand that the only way to keep their fans and make new ones is to put out quality content and not make some of their performers look like fools. There is no way that LaVar Ball with his sons Lonzo and LaMelo should have been on Monday Night Raw.

WWE officials reached out to them after Lonzo was drafted second overall in the NBA draft by the Los Angeles Lakers. Since the show was in LA this week, Vince though that it would be a good idea to bring the Ball family to the flagship show in order for the WWE to get some mainstream media attention and to get a cheap pop for Lonzo Ball. Well, the segment was a disaster, and it ended up in LaMelo balls using the “n” word twice on live TV.


The Miz was also involved in this segment as he was one of the superstars that were made to look like fools after it. He stated that sometimes things don’t go according to the plan, especially when they have a guest appearance on the show.

“I follow basketball so I kind of know who LaVar Ball is, you know, I know his son Lonzo,” said Miz. “They are very proud; they really want to be a Los Angeles Laker and when he got to be a Los Angeles Laker it’s absolutely incredible. And you know, it’s really cool to be a first time ever in Staples Center Lonzo Ball is a Los Angeles Laker on MizTV. Pretty cool right? But, you know, sometimes with the Big Baller Brand you don’t know what’s going to happen.”