The OA Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Storyline


Netflix really caused a stir last December. After just a few inexplicit teases on social media, they premiered a trailer for a new peculiar supernatural show The OA on the same week the show has debuted. After it has resonated with the viewers, Netflix doesn’t have to put on a PR cloak regarding this new gem of a show. That proves the fact that they approved Season 2 and made a public announcement immediately.

Naturally, the streaming service made the announcement of the second season of The OA via an intriguing teaser.

In the Season 2 teaser trailer, there are some very conclusive hints of what is yet to come.

As for the release date, the co-creator of The Oa, Zal Batmanglij said that they still haven’t started filming season 2, so we probably won’t get to see the new episodes before early 2018.

Season 1 of The OA revolves around a young woman from Missouri – Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling). She has been missing for over seven years, and now she bizarrely reappears.

Before the disappearance she was blind, but now she can see, and she has some strange scars on her back. Nonetheless, Prairie (or The Oa, as she refers to herself) having to deal with her memories, remains quiet about her troubles with the authorities and her parents who adopted her – Abel (Scott Wilson, famous for The Walking Dead) and Nancy (Alice Krige, famous for Tyrant).

But she decides to disclose the truth to a group of locals and embarks on a journey to rescue the people who disappeared in the same way she did. We find out that her strange hardship is connected to an experiment related to the near-death unlocking of dormant abilities. The intrigue in the show is behind the fact that Prairie (aka The OA) might not be telling the entire truth. There could be possible twists on the little things we know.

Those who have watched the Season 2 trailer, might not think that there is a lot to work with. However, you can clearly hear Prairie say “Homer?” together with a message in braille, which has been translated as “survived.” Also, there is the photograph of what seems to be the Golden Gate Bridge. So does that mean that we will get some clarification about Homer’s near-death experience in the following season?

But rest assured, the co-creators of the show, Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling know exactly how the storyline is going to develop. There will be no doubt regarding the plot as the series unfolds.

Batmanglij said in one of the interviews: “Brit and I figured out the whole thing. The whole thing’s a riddle. There are a lot of clues.” He also added: “Very few people have really picked up on all the clues. Our sound engineer picked up on a major one that kind of blew my mind. I was like, ‘That is designed for only the closest, creepiest viewer to find.'”

What we also figured is that the near-death experiences used to unlock “Movements” will develop and play an important role in the show’s progress.

Brit Marling said in one interview: “I believe in what science fiction can do, which is it can set up simple rules that it has to follow to try to illuminate something about the present that is somewhat invisible to us.” She also added: “Except that, even in that illumination, you have to admit that you just don’t know—that some things are a capital M mystery that are beyond our five senses, and that we couldn’t possibly perceive or articulate. The OA is our attempt at writing and making a new human language through movement, this mythology we’re inventing.”

As for the cast, no one from Season 2 has been officially affirmed. However, since the lead Brit Marling has constantly been mentioning the importance of making a further narrative of the series, we can probably suppose that she’ll return as Prairie Johnson.

It is still unsure whether Patrick Gibson (from Cherry Tree), Brenden Meyer (from The Guest) or Jason Isaacs (from Event Horizon) will be back.