More guidance released by Microsoft to Admins ahead of monthly Windows patch rollups

The change that is coming is one that is anticipated by some and dreaded by some others. Due to the history that Microsoft has in releasing faulty patches, some admins have been wondering if the intended patch rollups will be after all be worth it.

In a blog post made on October 7th, for IT pros, officials of Microsoft shared some guidance for the admins that will be working on the patching the new model in the coming week.

What a rollup means is multiple patches that are rolled together to get one single update. The rollups that are in question will take over individual patches for the Windows and Windows Server mentioned above. When a new rollup in made in a new month, it will take over the previous one. The aim is to have the rollups become cumulative as the patches are being added by the team so that what users need to is to install the rollup that has been released last.

In a blog post, officials of Microsoft said the company from next week will be releasing the following:

  1. A security-only quality update, that will handle the security need for the present month and will be made available to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and made use of by Windows Update Catalog and Configuration Manager.
  2. A security monthly quality update that is also referred to as “monthly rollup”, which will handle all security fixes for the month just as with the security-only above, and will also fix previous rollups in the past month. It will be made available to Windows Update for WSUS, PCs, and Windows Update Catalog users.
  3. Preview of the monthly security quality rollup that is also referred to as “preview rollup” that will contain non-fixes that are new which will be used to fix the rollup for the coming month as well as fix past month’s rollups. The Patch will be on Tuesday or according to Microsoft’s slang – “B” week.

The monthly security quality rollup will go out on B week as well, while on the 3rd Tuesday of the same month called the C week, the preview for the monthly security rollup will go out. Some updates like Internet Explorer and .NET Framework rollups will be going on at the same time.

Admins will have more options on how they would want to handle the updates. Left for Microsoft, they would prefer that the security updates are installed as they are released.

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One thing that bothers the admins is the unanswered question of what will happen should an update result in issues. For this, Microsoft recommends that companies, first of all, carry out a “ringed” deployment and installing in IT organization and moving on to more pilot groups, and then further on to broader development groups so that the potential damage can be contained.