More Information On Paige’s Breakup With Del Rio


Former WWE Superstar and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, or now known as El Patron is somebody that has made a lot of headlines as of late. That’s not always something to brag about as there usually hasn’t been a lot of positive words for former WWE Champion. His relationship with Paige has been all over the news, and his behavior was something that was under the microscope.

Paige and El Patron have split once, or at least there was news about them splitting up because of Alberto’s violent ways, but they ended up staying together. He also wasn’t doing anything to help Paige’s position on the roster as he had a lot of bad words to say about his former employers and his now former girlfriend’s current employers.

When she was struggling to get back to WWE and was probably on the brink of getting fired or leaving the company, Alberto only put pressure on her and put her in an even worse position.


According to him, here is what the reason for their breakup is.

“By now everyone knows we are not together. We decided to end our relationship because I am in San Antonio, she is in Orlando, and now she is back on the road, and you know the schedule on the road there is non-stop, and my schedule is also non-stop. My projects with Telemundo and TV Azteca, calendar, clothing line, charity events, and all that stuff, we just weren’t seeing each other.”

He also went to explain that because of his schedule and Paige’s schedule, they are not able to be together a lot since he also needs to visit his kids. When it comes to picking between his children and Paige, Alberto El Patron made the choice that every single father would most likely make.