Sammy The Seal heading towards The Fishman store to get its meal


The most incredible video captures a seal getting out of the water and waiting on a road to get food from her fishmonger friend.

The residents of the County Wicklow area of Ireland witness spectacular scenery day by day. Namely, a seal, popularly known as Sammy, has found its own source of feeding. Three times per day, this seal gets out of the water and waits for a fishmonger working in The Fishman store to treat her with a proper meal.

It is said that Sammy has been coming for her meals for three years already. It has become a popular attraction not only for the residents of County Wicklow but the visitors as well.


In the video, we can see Sammy jumping on a dock and trying to cross the street to get to The Fishman store. She even stopped at one moment, in order to wait for the car to pass. Just as the seal was crossing the road, one of the members of staff got out of the store and tried to chase it back into the water. Even though the fishmonger used a chair to scare it off, Sammy refused to move. It remained persistent in its decision to get to the store. When the fisherman took a few steps backward, Sammy continued to move forward.

The employee even tried to talk to Sammy politely, by saying ‘Move on, come on please, back in the water. Sammy go home.’

Finally, the fishmonger went into the store and returned to the dock with fish in his hand. He threw the fish into the water, and Sammy jumped in to eat. But just as everybody thought that the scenery was over, Sammy raised her head above the water level, clearly showing her intention to return for some more. Sammy’s ‘audience’ seemed to have a lot of fun.