The Nightmare Before Christmas: 10 Peculiarities About This Movie!

The Nightmare Before Christmas is hands down one of the best movies for this holiday. Many consider watching this ahead of Christmas to be a tradition of its own. The Halloween Town, Sally, Jack, and Zero have been a vital part of our Christmas holidays for years now even though this gem arrived in theaters in 1993. But did you know that this film has quite a few peculiar things that you’ve probably missed? Let’s take a look.

10Before it was a movie, it used to be a poem

That’s right. However, it is known as ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ and it was written by Clement Clark Moore in 1823. The opening line goes like this: ‘’Twas the night before Christmas.’ Now you see the reasoning behind the movie’s name. Tim Burton claims that he was inspired by the combination of holiday ornaments and decorations in stores so he decided to use that during his animator days at Disney. He started his own project and turned the poem into stop-motion animation short Vincent and a parody of The Night Before Christmas that featured Jack Skellington and Zero, his faithful companion.