Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Others Receive Notice as More Shuttle Drivers Unionize in Silicon Valley

Back in November when shuttle bus drivers of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) signed-up with Teamsters Local 853, an international organization for drivers, there was nonchalance view by Logistics Heads of technology companies in the Silicon Valley.

However, the move towards ‘Unionization’ now appears to have caught up with shuttle drivers of other companies as well.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one of the 5 big name technology companies in Silicon Valley to have received an official communication by its shuttle drivers to join Teamster Local 853.

Apple, Amtraak and eBay Shuttle Drivers Unionize

On Monday, Teamsters officially contacted CEOs of leading 6 technology companies, Amtrak, Apple Inc., Genentech, Zynga, Yahoo and eBay, regarding their drivers’ intentions to join the union.

Rome Aloise, the International Vice President as well as secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 853 informed that many of 120 odd drivers, who work part-time and full-time as shuttle drivers for the six companies, have signed authorization cards with the union.

Most Silicon Valley company’s outsource shuttle services or contract third parties to handle the end-to-end pick-up and drop of its employees.

The drivers who have now signed-up with Teamsters Local 853 are contracted to Compass Transportation, a South San Francisco-based company. Compass Transportation hold many of the bigger technology firms’ contracts including Apple Inc.

The six companies are yet to respond to the unionization of shuttle drivers.

First step at Facebook Inc

Facebook Inc., was the first company to see its shuttle drivers signing-up under the umbrella organization of Teamsters Local 853. The toe-hold that the drivers gained at Facebook Inc has allowed shuttle drivers at other companies to defer the tough work conditions.
However, the victory at Facebook was a tight fight with 43 to 28 votes for Unionization.

Aloise fears that Compass Transport will mount further pressure on shuttle drivers to remain away from The Teamsters Local.

Shuttle drivers working for long hours at $18 to $20 per hour as against 6-figure salaries of the techies does leave room for better compensation and work conditions, decry drivers and non-profits.