Most interesting trend in education in 2019

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Technology is a force to reckon with, and it keeps getting powerful with every age and time. In 2019, there have been lots of great news regarding changes in the tech world. Thus far, you must have probably tried a couple of new device arrivals. If you are a student, you will agree that online learning platforms, especially for those who would wish to pursue distance education, have continued to play significance in academia. 

While digital classrooms have been around for some time now, there have been improvements. This year, the internet of things has also got better allowing for more devices to get connected. In Classrooms, you should be aware of interactive whiteboards. Gamification of classrooms has also been getting betters, and while it is a top trend in 2019, there is more. presents you with some fresh information about the most interesting education trends in 2019. Therefore, take a look at the next sections to find out. 

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Artificial Intelligence powering augmented reality and virtual reality

While Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) may have become popular just recently, they needed a facelift. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) in academia, this year has been a success on many technological fronts.  From changing the way people think, how data experts sort out things to improved interactivity with gadgets, AI is a top academic trend and most importantly, a force with which to reckon. 

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The most important aspect of AI is its association with big data in classrooms. Every year, schools experience increasing numbers of students registering for different courses, and with big data powered by AI; it is now easier to sort everything quickly and conveniently. It would take many months to manual handle such data, which is why, whichever way you look at it, schools now need AI than ever before. It is even great news to colleges and universities that teach robotics.

Smart learning spaces

Smart spaces denote environments that allow for interactivity between humans and machines. It is all possible, thanks to technologies that continue to shape up the education sphere. Think about classrooms that integrate interactive whiteboards, AI, automated learning experiences with the help of robots and learning management systems, you get a sense of an academic world that is on the rise technologically. The good news is that these are not merely imagined things. Smart classrooms are already a trend in 2019 with a few examples already in existence in developed worlds.

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Hybrid Homeschooling

Homeschooling has been around for some years now, but now, it has gone hi-tech. Hybrid homeschooling is an interesting education trend dominating airwaves around the world. Think about being able to spilt learning time between traditional school setting and home, it gets clearer that students can now manage their own learning schedules.

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Genius Hour

Today’s world demands that students emphasize their passion instead of the factory-made syllabus. Thus, Genius Hour, a learning session where teachers allow students to focus on a self-directed approach to studying is becoming a big trend lately. The good thing about Genius hour is that it helps students not only focus on learning things about which they are passionate but also helps them explore realms of creativity, inquiry and become autonomous.

Gamified classrooms

Gamified learning has been here, but in 2019, it continues to get a facelift as a big trend in academia. Apart from its bordering or relying on technology, gamified learning settings help with booting focus, participation, creating and engagement. 

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Final Words

There are many other education trends in 2019. Apart from the ones explored in this post, think about the introduction of coding in humanities, personalized learning, empathy training and blended learning. It can only mean, with 5G around the corner, the world of academia can only get better for the generations to come.