Blogger outreach 101 – how to grow your blog traffic

Ever since social media appeared, we’ve had social media marketing. Businesses can now use social media to build their authority and spread awareness. About ten years ago, companies would send emails to other websites that were similar in nature in order to exchange links. While that technique might have worked in the past, now it’s much less effective. Now we’re in the age of social media. We’re not sending mass link exchange emails any more as we switched to completely new and more effective techniques.

Blogger outreach took the world by storm. The main idea behind this technique is to use popular bloggers and their followers to promote your company. Basically, you contact the blogger that has a big number of followers, asking them to promote your product while in exchange you’ll get them free access to your product and service. This is a brilliant technique and it seems to be working incredibly well. Let’s look at one example.

As a woman on Instagram, I’ve been seeing numerous models and influencers on Instagram wearing and tagging Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova is everywhere. I see female bloggers posting photos wearing their clothes on a daily basis. And it quickly became clear to me that they are absolutely committed to this type of marketing. Another thing that I’ve come to realize is just how effective it is. Numerous women who together have dozens of millions of followers are all tagging this same fashion company while all Fashion Nova had to do is send them some free clothes. This absolutely sounds like a great deal and a win-win situation to me. The blog culture concerning fashion is insanely huge and this company used that to their advantage from day one. Many people are looking at influencers for inspiration and good advice, so when your fashion guru posts a picture in a cute red dress looking stunning, you’re going to be interested.
Some of the huge names to help this brand a lot are the Kardashians and now the brand has over 15 million followers on Instagram.

You can also visit this website and try to get some help during the whole process.

Now that we’ve explained it on the example, hopefully, it’s a bit easier for you to comprehend just how effective this technique is today.

Blogger outreach isn’t just about simply contacting every blogger out there and waiting for the result. Like many things in life, this requires some careful planning as well and luckily, it’s a skill that can be easily learned.

First, you need to find influential bloggers and separate the ones that are actually in your niche. You want their followers to see you and you want those followers to be a part of your target audience. Compatibility is crucial here.

Then, once you’ve found your influencers, comment on their blogs and feature them in your blog posts. You want to spark interest in them so you should avoid leaving generic comments like “that is a great post, thanks.” You want it to be a bit more personal and let them know you’ve enjoyed it. Bloggers will love seeing their name on your profile. Share their content, tag them, and in the end, send an outreach mail. The email should also be unique, intriguing, and it should clearly show that you’re well familiar with their blog.