Most popular t-shirts design to buy in 2024

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It is almost summer, which means that new trends have arrived when it comes to t-shirt designs. There are various designs that are becoming more and more popular, however, there are some that really stand out from the crowd. You can choose from a wide range of shirt, but some will cause “awe” once people see them. Hence, we have combined a list of the top t-shirt to buy for the summer of 2024:

1. Abstract drawings

There has been a rise in popularity of the geometrical and quirky drawings that are borrowing different styles and colors from the ‘90s. The basic colors, yellow, blue, and red, work quite well together, especially if they are combined with interesting linework or fun patterns. Some designers prefer to use vibrant, single accent colors combined with the abstract drawing in order to create a t-shirt that will turn heads.

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2. Pocket prints

The pocket print has become increasingly popular over the last few months. Influencer and celebrities can be seen wearing or promoting these t-shirts that have a small logo or a fun design of their pockets. Pocket prints are perfect for promoting your message to the public, and you might think that they re subtle, however, they are quite impactful.

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3. Sketchbook drawings

The hand-drawn, textural look of these shirt graphic prints really work well for apparel. These t-shirts all feel dynamic and artistic, so choosing one would be perfect for making a statement and sending people various messages through the clothes you wear. What is great about them is that you can actually choose to have your own drawing on them, which makes it even better to wear, since you will also be promoting your art.

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4. Side-aligned typography

By aligning the text to the left or right side of the t-shirt makes it great to differentiate your clothes while you are keeping a minimalistic appearance. This technique works best for designs that are text-only, but it is also a great way to bring in text into a more illustrative and dynamic design.

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5. Floral drawings

While a wide range of drawings is popular this year for t-shirt designs, floral patterns and motifs are still holding strong. Flowers can be represented in various ways and they carry a wide range of symbolism as well. They stand for growth and a fresh start, as well as gentleness and beauty.

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