Motorola Releases Their ‘Moto Mods’ for the Moto Z Droid in the U.S.

Moto Mods

Motorola has finally released their “Moto Mods”, which will now be available in the U.S. for the Moto Z smartphone at Verizon, Costco, Best Buy and These are essentially mod kits that allow you to spice up your motorola device by adding extra battery packs, speakers, or even a movie projector. You can customize with different colors to suit your style.

Motorola claims that this is only the beginning, and numerous amounts of “Moto Mods” will be available soon and they claim that they have only scratched the surface. The toolkit will provide everything you need to upgrade your phone and get the most out of it, and the same Moto Mods Developer Kit (MDK) is the same kit used by Motorola to create custom mods.

Motorola says that this is the future of mobile devices, where you can easily upgrade your phone with a “snap” without buying a whole new phone. Being able to customize your phone to your liking, by simply putting mods together to create a masterpiece.

Lenovo Capital has assisted Motorola in investing in your new Moto Mod, bringing $1 million dollars to bring the best mod ideas to the market. In order to be eligible for a submission, Motorola says that you must have a working prototype, and all submissions will be checked by the Moto Mod Developer Executive Team. The best prototype will be able to have an investment funding from Lenovo Capital.

This project by Motorola has lots of potential, being able to take a smartphone, and upgrade it without buying a new phone is something many people have desired for a long time. Customization is a strong factor when it comes to customer satisfaction and it seems that Motorola has fulfilled that desire.

These Moto Mod Kits are only available in the U.S. at the moment, they can be purchased from Motorola’s manufacturing partner, element14. Motorola will release the tutorial on how to submit your Moto Mod soon as well as other details.