Mountain Men 2017: Get Acquainted With the Cast Crew

Mountain Men is returning for its new season, and it will present you the courageous cast prepared and willing to attempt to get a taste of wilderness in the distant places of the state mountains. A difficult, bitter and harsh winter lies before them, and it will not make their journey any easier.

The fans will be pleased to hear that Discovery has prepared lots of different prolonged episodes from them. They will be coming out at 4 pm ET/PT on the day of the season premiere.

Found out more about the cast:

Tom Oar

Along with his brother Jack, the two will be going after Big Sky country one more time. They will try to survive this severe winter by harvesting a 500-lb bull elk.

Tom Oar has turned 74, and his main occupation in life are tanning wild game and constructing buckskin moccasins. In one of his interviews, he revealed the reason he decided to move to Montana’s Yaak Valley. He stated, “There came a point in our life where we figured the majority of rodeoing was over, and we wanted to move to Montana and build a log house. So we bought a chainsaw in Illinois to build a house with when we got here. We bought an acre-and-a-half that had a little two-room log cabin on it and we lived in that while we built the house.”

Marty Meierotto

His plan for this journey to Alaska’s Revelation Mountains is to make a log cabin home that will be his house during the winter time.

Eustace Conway

Eustace has been working on some grassroots lumber operation and his intention for this year is to enhance his profit with his new goods shed and wood burning truck. His location will be in the Blue Ridge Mountains far off the road.

Rich Lewis

Rich has decided to take on a new season of hunting down the predators and according to the History Channel he will “step up his role as the vigilante protector of Ruby Valley.”

Morgan Beasley

His current location is a small house he built for himself. He grows what he eats, and sells whatever he has in greater amounts. This season he will be going on a long arduous journey towards the land he bought 50 miles away.

Jason Hawk

Most of his life he has spent by living on the mountain as a survivalist. This year, Jason along with his family will try to make a home out of farm they currently have.