Why Dallas Cowboys Might Struggle Against New York Giants

Source: giantswire.usatoday.com

We know that the loss to the Green Bay Packers ended Dallas Cowboys’ season and their journey to the Super Bowl. But, they actually went 1-1 in games with Aaron Rodgers and the company in 2016. The team that has beaten them both times last season are the New York Giants, and we are here to tell you that ‘Boys might struggle again going up against their divisional rivals.

Dallas Cowboys are still an offensive minded football team. The defense got a bit younger and probably more explosive, but with that comes the inexperience. Even though their game plan is based on offense as that is what Cowboys do the best, they had a tough time scoring on this New York Giants defense. In the first game, Dallas scored in the low 20s, which is decent, but later on and for their second duel Giants got much better.

Source: www.skysports.com

In Game 2, Cowboys scored just 7 points. The fact that Giants scored only 10 points to win that game helps a bit, but this is now an offense in New York that added Brandon Marshall, an elite wide receiver that is capable of being a number one option on any team. When you combine that with Odell Beckham Jr, you get a deadly offense that is going to be able to challenge even the best defenses in the NFL.

The one that Dallas has isn’t even in the top half of defenses in this league. All this adds up, and you can see why we think that the struggles that Cowboys had against Giants in 2016 might continue in 2017 NFL campaign.