5 Tips for Moving to Canada from UK – 2024 Guide


Deciding to change your address forever and find a new place to call home is not something people always do because they want to. There are many reasons to move to a new home and start over, to begin a new chapter in life. While it is always better to do it out of possibility and desire, moving also tends to happen out of dire need and because of circumstances that no longer favor the family. Then there is the question of where one is moving. Is it simply a different street in your hometown? Is it perhaps the next town over, or maybe another part of the country? The most significant and life-changing of all is definitely moving to a completely different country, especially one that is very far away from your current home.

Making such a move should not be viewed as a bad thing however. While it may be difficult to leave the old life behind and move away from your closest friends and family, starting something new can be exciting and fun too. Exploring the new town or city and figuring out how you can make it feel like your own has its charms. It will never feel like your true hometown or your motherland, but you can always go back to visit the people dear to you as well as on holiday. One thing that can certainly make the whole transition period easier is the language. Learning it prior to getting there is crucial, but the best case scenario is for the country to already have the same official language as yours. This is why moving from the UK to Canada for example is much easier compared to other scenarios.

In this article we explore what it is like to move across the pond from one English speaking country to another and change your British address for a Canadian one. The two countries are quite connected and yet very different and it may take some getting used to especially if it is your first time there. Worry not as we have great tips for you so that the change happens as smoothly as possible. You will integrate yourself into Canadian society in no time and it will be like you have always lived there. Read on to learn more.

1. Find a Local Mover


Moving is difficult enough when it is a few streets over, let alone a whole ocean away. In order for everything to be done safely, within a timely manner, and according to your needs and wishes, you have to hire professionals to help you along the way. Professional movers are there for a reason. They have made careers out of helping others move and transporting all of their belongings with them. When you are moving from the UK to Canada, you have to first find Canadian movers who will pick things up as they arrive and carry them to your new home. Planning for this well in advance will make everything else much easier and you will not have to worry about your stuff. If you are moving to Montreal or somewhere close to it, click here for a great moving company that will fulfill all of your needs.

2. Brush Up On Your French

Unlike the UK, Canada has more than one official language. Other than English, they also use French. Knowing either of the two is more than enough to get around and live a comfortable life, but knowing both opens more doors especially if you are moving to a more French speaking environment. As somebody from the United Kingdom you may have your reservations regarding French language, but for your own benefit and that of your family, as well as to secure a more comfortable and prosperous future, learning at least the basics will be of great help. It is a beautiful language and it will certainly help you find your place in Canada faster and more easily.

3. Find a Place Prior to Getting There


This is a universal thing no matter where you are moving to. You absolutely need to have things figured out well before you move there. Your new home has to be ready and waiting for you to move in and start living a normal life as soon as possible. Doing this only when you get there will prove chaotic and hectic. Begin looking for a place to stay in Canada before you even send your application for immigration and start collecting paperwork. Doing so will make everything easier, from knowing where you will stay and what you will have in your surroundings to better estimating your living budget. Speaking of budget, doing this on time will help you better plan out where to go based on your preferred cost of living. Vancouver and Toronto are among the most expensive while Quebec, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick are among the affordable. Ottawa has the most immigrants and might be the best option.

4. Finding a Job


The aforementioned thing of looking for a place to stay before you get there is also true for finding work. Provided that you are not moving because of work and a better position in Canada than the one in the UK, you need to look for a job and have a secure position before you arrive. Future Canadian residents usually have a good experience with their job searches. Scour the market and look for the best option you can get. Usually, the job itself dictates where people move and which city they pick. Doing both at the same time might be the most productive thing in the entire moving process for you and your family.

5. Legal Requirements

Perhaps the biggest obstacle on your way to North America may be the legal requirements. Most British immigrants move to Canada through family, spouses, and work visas. Without a visa, just like in many other places in the world, a UK resident can only stay for a certain amount of time, which is six months. For a permanent residency you will need a permanent visa and that can happen through a few options, mainly express entry, family sponsorship, Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Skilled Workers Program, and Investor Migration. All of them have special skill, experience, and education requirements as well as many other conditions. Be sure to check which one you are eligible for and if you qualify for them before you start planning your move.