Mushi and Yamateh Come Together for a New Project

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The Southeast Asia (SEA) Dota 2 scene has long been one of the most competitive ones. It’s true that sometimes teams will disappear for a while, but they will return soon enough and ready to defeat anyone standing in their path.

This is precisely what legends Chai Mushi Yee Fung and Ng Yamateh Wei Poon are going to do when they join forces for Dota Pro Circuit. The duo has created a fresh Dota 2 franchise – Brothers United – which will take on any opponent.

Fans are already preparing to bet Dota 2 money on any match the team is invested with, and there is a good reason for this. Mushi has handpicked a variety of exceptional players, including Ryan Jay – Raging Potato – Qui and Khoo – Ohaiyo – Chong Xin. To make things even better, a fifth member has joined, to name Benhur – Nayeon – Lewis. 

All of these players have been hardened in Dota 2 and they know their way around a competitive setting, making it very easy for the players to actually start competing right away. 

Legends of the SEA Return

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And so, Mushi and Yamateh are back at it and they definitely have a few tricks up their sleeves. Betting on these guys would be the wisest thing to do and places such as the respected are definitely going to offer wagers on any match Mushi and Yamateh are involved with. 

To put things in perspective, it’s worth noting that both players participated in Orange Esports back in 2011 and managed to push their way to half finish during the 2012 International. Definitely a decent performance, but to shine in the current DPC, the team will have to truly pull off some outstanding plays against battle-hardened opponents.

Can We Expect the Brothers at TI 2024?

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A question that the recent coming-together rises is whether we can expect these players to return with a bang. Dominating the TI 2024 is definitely something that everyone would be highly interested in, but here is the issue.

Teams have got much, much stronger than 2012. They have been investing in the well-being of players a whole lot and there are other inherent challenges that Mushi, Yamateh and his teammates will have to meet.

However, the prize pool is likely to exceed $24 million and this is definitely worth to at least try. Brothers United will have a chance to win big in 2024. 

The International 2024 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. It is the first time since 2011 that the unofficial DOTA 2 world championship is held in Europe. So far, the sponsors have been eager to participate and TI 2024 has the potential to be the largest single-event esports prize pool. 

Valve announced the host of the 2024 event during the closing ceremony at TI 2019 in Shanghai. Gamers will meet in Ericsson globe, the largest spherical building in the world. Valve already released a trailer for the event, featuring the building itself. The seating capacity is estimated at more than 16,000, although Metallica had 17,303 fans on a concert they held there in 2018. 

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The original TI in 2011 was held in Cologne, but people are still confused with the choice of Stockholm as the 2024 host. However, if you scratch the surface, it is easy to see why Valve made that decision. Sweden features numerous gaming studios, among which are some of the most acclaimed names in the industry.

A lot of players come from Sweden also, and it has a thriving gaming community. Despite some hopes that TI will remain in Asia for at least a couple of years, it turned out that Valve’s trip to Shanghai was a one-off thing. After cologne, TI was hosted in Seattle, Washington for six years, before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, last year.

In fact, 2019 is the only time the event was hosted in Asia. Considering just how many people play DOTA 2 in Japan, South Korea, and China, it is kind of surprising that Valve doesn’t host TI in the East more often. 

Last year was marked by OG keeping the crown, making them the first team ever to win two TI trophies. After securing the first place in Vancouver in 2018, not many believed that they have the strength to repeat the success in Shanghai, but they did it, defeating Liquid in the finals for their second consecutive Aegis of Champions.

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The fact they are playing with the same roster for the last two years surely contributed to their success. Anathan “ana” Pham, Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka, and Johan “N0tail” Sundstein have been together since 2017 and the chemistry they have built is clear. 

The team they have defeated in the finals will surely have something to say when the time comes. Liquid won TI in 2017 and was seen as the favorites to do it again in 2018. However, they were cut short by PSG.LGD in the second round.

Their early elimination came as a shock to many. Following the defeat in 2019 finals, the entire roster quit and the team was forced to rebuild. Former Alliance players miCKe, qojqva, Boxi, Taiga, and iNSaNiA are not Team Liquid. 

In total, there will be 18 teams participating in 2024 TI, 12 invited and 6 that come through regional qualifiers. Teams are divided into two groups and play the Group stage in a Round Robin format. Top four teams in each group advance to playoffs. Hopefully, we will get to see Brothers United there.