Naomi vs. Natalya – Summerslam Predictions

On the Smackdown Live side of the Summerslam build, we have Natalya challenging Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi at the biggest party of the summer for the title. There were people that were surprised with the choice of Natalya for the challenger as the greatest match that WWE can right now book in the Women’s division on Smackdown Live is Charlotte vs. Naomi. But, with Charlotte being a babyface right now, it made sense for a heel to compete with Naomi at Summerslam. Enter Natalya.

She has been a good superstar for the Smackdown Live’s women’s division ever since the brand split, but it really doesn’t seem like she is going to be the one to carry it. Natalya is more than capable of putting on good matches with her opponents as she is really solid in the ring. It is her character that is not really appealing right now, nor does she have a huge heel heat on her right now.


Naomi, on the other hand, has been a good choice for the champion. For many years, she has been one of the most underrated performers on that roster, both considering men, and women that the company has. Athletic, smooth and good looking are some of Naomi’s qualities that are combined with a cool character that she has now with that entrance and the gimmick that she uses.

There are reports that WWE creative does not want to take the title off her maybe this year at all as people are really liking her as the champion since her merch sales are going pretty well. We are for sure going to pick her to win this match against Natalya in Brooklyn and retain her Smackdown Live Women’s Championship. We have a feeling that they will have a bit shorter battle since the card is pretty stacked with a lot of great duels.