‘Naruto Shippuden’ and the upcoming episode 488: Release date, news and updates


The popular anime series is coming up soon with the episode 488 which will apparently be a crossroad between the two storylines. Namely, the next installment will be an opening story about Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada and the conclusion of the story about Sasuke travels. The last sequel left the audience in suspense, and for that reason, they are expecting much from the upcoming episode. Namely, the fans were deprived of the Sasuke-Chino combat, and Chino turned out to be Kekkei Genkai wielder, so the things have stirred up for the next episode.

According to the report, Chino might be having second thoughts about killing Sasuke. Apparently, she does not find it clear why Sasuke would protect Konoha when his village was working against him.

Encouraged by a friend, Sasuke starts to form the opinion that the world could be cleansed of wickedness. His state originates from his friendship with Naruto, who wants to help Sasuke find his purpose.


In the last episode, Chino admitted the truth about being a descendant of the Chinoike Clan. However, she is not able to remember anything related to her past. The only thing she remembers and knows for certain is her training to become a shinobi with En Oyashiro. Her first fight ended successfully for her as she managed to beat her opponent Fuushin. In the end, the two got closer and became friends upon working as guards for En Oyashiro.

After coming to know the truth about her clan’s destiny she swore on her taking revenge against the Uchiha Clan. In their fight against enemies, Fuushin got her Kekkei Genkai unlocked.

The upcoming Sasuke-Chino combat will by all odds be huge if we take into consideration that both of them have Kekkei Genkai which makes them more powerful.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 488 Release Date

Episode 488 will be released on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017 after a one-week holiday break.