Mercedes Benz E-Truck render looks awesome!

Since the future cars are currently at the world’s focus and technology is developing incredibly fast, many of truck enthusiasts wonder just how will these beasts look in the future. Well for those of you that prefer Mercedes trucks we found a render that depicts a purely utilitarian and futuristic truck in the form of Mercedes-Benz E-Truck concept.

This awesome concept is drawn by Francisco Calado, and he envisioned this as a “well-planned compressed liquids transporter” which is, by the way, the most efficient and fastest truck on the planet. Well, what do you expect when fantasy is involved in a thing like this?!

Mercedes-Benz E-Truck Design

Apparently, Francisco has envisioned this to be powered by 10 cylindrical batteries, which automatically translates this masterpiece of a truck into a fully electric machine. The part where it says it is the fastest semi on the planet is achieved thanks to its low drag coefficient. This is also aided by its efficiency against side winds, thanks to the overall outer design that has somehow everything planned ahead.

Interior of the truck has a dual compartment cabin, and since most of these trucks end up on long roads hauling cargo, it also includes a bathroom and a separate room so you can rest up. It is kind off your little home on wheels, where the everyday necessities are there and everything else can be picked up along the way.

When you take an overall look at the vehicle, you can see that it is fairly huge and it is probably a lot taller than any other truck today. Why is that so, well we can just say that time will tell. And there is probably one more thing that you noticed from the pictures, and you probably have asked the question “Well how in Gods name do you enter this thing?” Well, since the design is made in a way to aid in lowering the overall drag, this visionary made a compartment on the front of the truck that leads you up to its cabin. Neat ha?