Netflix Secret and Tips

Netflix is about to reach 200 subscribers worldwide, and it is everyone’s go-to streaming service. Especially amid the pandemic, Netflix became the support and savior that people were looking out for, a ray of hope in the darkest of times.

And as users began to spend more time on the service, their curiosity to figure out the services, tips, and tricks of Netflix was at its peak. And even those aware of the streaming service inside out may be missing out on some of those thrilling features on Netflix.

This blog will enlighten you. Regarding some of the old hack and some recent tips to further enhance your streaming experience on Netflix and to make the most out of the streaming service. They are as follows:

Latest and Upcoming Shows

Netflix usually notifies the users of what’s new in their catalog, but you can now access the list of upcoming titles on the platform by clicking on “Latest Shows.” You can find out which shows will be releasing this week or this month, gearing you up for the premier.

This option is especially significant because titles get lost in the vast Netflix library, and they frequently remove content that you previously saw on the service. So this is an excellent way to keep track of all the recent releases and what will come this week.

Unlock Hidden Netflix Titles via Codes

This one may seem too good to be true, but Netflix has a secret stored away from us, Hidden titles! These titles are usually not visible if we search for them via the search bar, and they are divided into different unique genres. All you have to do is visit the following link and add the relevant code to the end of the URL.

Few of the unique set of genres are as follows:

Classic Foreign Movies: 32473

Adult Animation: 11881

Anime Sci-Fi: 2729

Art House Movies: 29764

Asian Action Movies: 77232

British TV Shows: 52117

Classic Westerns: 47465

Cult Movies: 7627

Dark Comedies: 869

Deep-Sea Horror Movies: 45028

Experimental Movies: 11079

Film Noir: 7687

Jazz & Easy Listening: 10271

Mockumentaries: 26

Period Pieces: 12123

Satanic Stories: 6998

Satires: 4922

Scandinavian Movies: 9292

Screwball Comedies: 9702

Slapstick Comedies: 10256

Tearjerkers: 6384

Urban & Dance Concerts: 9472

Westerns: 7700

Access International Catalogue

If you are bored with your country’s Netflix catalog, then there is a way for you to access the international Netflix library without doing anything illegal. You will need a VPN or a proxy to access the catalog of any country of your choice. All you have to do is subscribe to the VPN for streaming and connect to the server of the country of your choice.

Netflix has a strong geo-restriction on their website, and since each library is different from another, the chances that you may be missing out on a few great shows are high, which is absurd since everyone is paying the same subscription price. However, you can get access to all the geo-restricted by using a VPN. There are tons of VPN services available but very few VPN services can unblock different Netflix content libraries. Therefore, it is very crucial to use the right VPN otherwise, you will not be able to watch the content that is not available in your country’s content library.

Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s a major inconvenience to always have access to the mouse to either fast forward a scene, skip the intro song, or pause while you are enjoying a meal and watching your favorite shows, because who doesn’t love to multitask these days. Thankfully, Netflix has come out with a set of keyboard shortcuts for us lazy kids so we can manage everything with a single tap of a button.

Save yourself from the unnecessary click and disruption via the following keyboard shortcuts:

F: Switch to full-screen (press the Escape key to back out)

Space bar or Enter key: Pause and resume playback

M: Mute (and unmute) the sound

Up arrow/down arrow: Raise and lower the volume

Shift + left arrow: Rewind by 10 seconds

Shift + right arrow: Fast-forward by 10 seconds

CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + D: View statistics about your stream

CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + S: Launch control panel to fix buffering

Netflix Party aka Teleparty


Cinemas and theater movie dates are a thing of the past now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch a movie with your friends at all. Netflix has finally come up with a Teleparty feature which not only lets you watch movies with your friends on Netflix in real-time, it also provides a chat bar on the side to keep the conversation going because obviously, you can’t switch between your phone and your Laptop or TV screen to reply to your friends and miss out on the movie.

The Teleparty feature is available via the Google Chrome extension, easy to download and install on your laptops. Install the extension and share the link with your friends who must have a valid Netflix account along with the browser extension on their device as well.

Subtitles, Language, and Audio Description

While the world is fighting on diversity, Netflix is a step ahead in all regards and aspects. Since Netflix is available in over 180+ million countries and almost 200 million registered subscribers on the service, language and subtitles had become a necessity for Netflix to make it inclusive for everyone. Hence, they now have the service available in multiple languages, with subtitles and audio descriptions, pleasing their deaf and blind audience.

Each movie has an option on the bottom right corner where the desired language and subtitles, and audio settings are available for users. You can even change your service’s default language by going to account settings and choosing the language of your likings.