Neville Walking Out And Quitting During Monday Night Raw!?


When we talk about the possible MVPs of the WWE for the year of 2017, we are definitely going to mention Neville. He has been great as the Cruiserweight Champion. The heel persona that he has been able to develop over the past couple of months has made him look more than ready to leave the 205-limit division and join the big boys and battling for the IC title. He has been easily one of the best things about Monday Night Raw in 2017.

After being so dominant for a long period of time, WWE wanted him to lose to Enzo Amore and drop the title. Out of all people, Enzo was the one to beat him. He had to swallow that and move on. Still, he for sure didn’t feel great about that.


Last night, we saw Kalisto beating Enzo Amore in the main event of the Monday Night Raw and winning the Cruiserweight Championship. That was not the original ending, though. WWE originally booked Neville to challenge Enzo and lose in the Lumberjack match for the title, yet again.

It seems Neville really didn’t like losing to Enzo twice like that after being so great and looking so good for a long period of time. We really can’t blame him for what he did next.

Before the Monday Night Raw started, he walked out of the arena and quit on the company. This might have been a one-time thing, and he might have just lost his cool on that night. On the other hand, Austin Aries walked out for the same reason. Neville might have had enough with the WWE. Losing to Enzo after being credible enough to fight in the Heavyweight division is a huge step-down.