New Apple Watch OS – Everything you need to know

WatchOS3 has been officially released and it is now available. The latest Apple Watch OS if full of innovations and features that will in the least intrigue all of its users. People who possessed the previous version of Apple smartwatch will have a chance to meet with the modernized interface and so many other enhancements related to the performance.

In the words of Apple Insider, users will notice the difference between the watchOS 3 and its ancestor right away because the design is distinct and some controls have been altered. If you want to access the remodeled Control Center you need to swipe the display from the bottom of the watch. This is just one of many innovations.

New watch faces are available for the users of Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2 who can use edge gestures from both sides of the screen in order to switch them. From now on, users will be able to customize their own watch face which is an option if one doesn’t like the ones already offered. Recently Apple has started to encourage people to create and make complications for the smartwatch to their own liking.

Furthermore, options like Home, Find My Friends and Music are already installed in the watchOS 3. However, there is a new complication related to weather conditions so that the users know what kind of day to expect.

According to MacRumors, the new dock is also integrated into the watch. This means that the users will be able to access apps, which have already been used, a lot faster. It is said that the dock can display up to 10 apps.

The Breathe app is finally available. The Reminder and Find My Friends apps are improved and for the athletes and people who like to do sports there are Heart Rate app and new Activity feature.

Also if you don’t want to use a keyboard, the handwriting recognition support is also an option, so now you can write on the screen like it is a notebook. As for the safety features, there is an Emergency SOS which calls 911 by itself if the user of the watch is in danger.

Your iPhone device must have iOS 10 before you decide to download and install watchOS 3. Otherwise, the installation of the watchOS 3 will not be successful. Once you have iOS 10 just click on Software Update under General settings.

Moreover, you will need at least 50% of battery life in order to install the new watchOS 3. To avoid disruptions and other issues during the download and installation connect the timepiece to a power source if your battery life is low.

It is already possible to install new watchOS 3 to your Apple Watch.