San Diego triumphs over the Giants in ninth 810

SAN FRANCISCO – The Giants had a chance to close in on the NL West lead, but they failed to do so.

It was all over for the Giants when San Diego’s infielder Ryan Schimpf hit a three-run homer with two outs. That hit occurred in the ninth inning and gave Padres a lead 6-4. With this loss on Tuesday night, San Francisco remains second behind LA Dodgers who lost earlier to the Yankees.

“It’s a punch in the stomach. You’ve got to bounce back.” – said the manager of the San Francisco Giants, Bruce Bochy.

Hunter Strickland was on the field in the ninth. However, he was not successful because he allowed three singles, two runs, and he awarded Will Myers with a walk. Instead of him, Steven Okert entered with the intention to fix things. But, Schimpf successfully hit the fourth ball which ended in the stands. He recorded his 19th homer.

Jack Smith who was a former Giants player recorded his first career victory for San Diego after he pitched the eighth. Moreover, Kevin Quackenbush finalized the game for his second save, which made Giants fans unhappy.

Smith, who used to be the leader of Giants’ Class A Augusta, declared:” “Schimpf really did all the work. I just threw up a zero,”
Okert, on the other side, said:”It’s September, we’re in the playoff race, you’re checked in the whole game”

It looks like September is an unlucky month for the Giants since they blew their 6 out of 10 save opportunities. In the game, two bloopers occurred. Furthermore, Buster Posey stopped a grounder at first base, but the ball bounced off of his glove.

For the Giants, two homers were marked by Gorkys Hernandez and Angel Pagan. In the battle for the top wild-card spot, San Francisco has a slightly better chance than the Mets.

Hunter Pence had a “twin killing” and a run batted in was registered by Brandon Crawford for the Giants. In the next encounter, they will face St Louis. There are only 18 games left in the season, and they will meet with the Dodgers six times.

Also, Bochy announced:”That’s just buzzard luck that inning for Strick early. Up until that inning, it couldn’t have gone better.”

Alberto Suarez had a chance to record a victory since June 23 when he triumphed against Pittsburgh. However, one moment he was on the field and the second in the pen. He played in five innings and for that time he had one run and six hits. He had a solid performance as he also walked two and struck out one.

The lineup Bochy planned against San Diego was particular. A regular Posey was on the first base, although he should have had the night off mostly because their first baseman Brandon Belt was unable to play due to illness.

This is the fifth win in a row for the Padres, and now they lead 26-14 against San Francisco who won the first nine games.

As it turned out, the Padres made a good move in signing Clayton Richard who was released by the Cubs. He recorded a season-high 11 hits in 5 2/3 innings. Also, he struck out four, walked three and allowed three runs.