New BMW X3 is going to be unveiled in August 2017, debut set for Frankfurt Motor Show

As you know, from one of our posts, the German automaker has begun developing a successor to the current X3, and it is well underway now, but the sad thing is that it won’t be launched just yet.

New BMW X3 Release Date

We received info that states that this premium SUV will be unveiled to the general public in August 2017, and after that, it is going to its world premiere which will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show the following month. All this info comes from BMWBlog, and they have (citing undisclosed sources) also wrote that deliveries would apparently begin in March 2018. That seems a little far away since the vehicle is almost fully developed, but that is just enough for Germans to put the finishing touches on their upcoming BMW X3.

If you didn’t know, the new X3 will ride on the new rear-wheel drive flexible architecture that will also help it lose some weight, around 100 kg (220 lbs) to be precise. This new platform will benefit it with one more thing, and it is the fact that it will allow the plug-in hybrid powertrain to be employed and it will be taken from the larger X5. The electric unit will work together with the 2.0 L petrol engine, and they will be able to offer more than 300 HP.

But do not think that this will be all. The engine family is going to be broadened with new 2.0 L and 3.0 L diesel, along with a 3.0 L petrol that is said to be more powerful and dynamic than those before it. There have been some talks lately that the BMW is working on an even more powerful version of the X3, and if those speculations pan out we will be graced with two new high-performance versions – the M40i that will offer 360 HP, and the range-topping X3 M, with an incredible 420 HP.

The X3 is so near, yet so far when you read something like this, but patience is a virtue. Maybe BMW will shift their plans to our advantage if something changes on the market, or if they see that the buyers can’t wait that long to enjoy their new vehicle wonder.

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