New Cars From Tesla Motors Before 2024

Since its founding, Tesla has been a one-model company. So far they have three models out on the market, but the course of production was always directed at – one-car at the time. First, it was Tesla Roadster, then Model S and finally Model X. They have been making two models parallel only for a couple of months now. This is quite an accomplishment for a new car company because other attempts like DeLorean and Fisker Automotive have had a tough time delivering the second model.

Tesla not only managed to produce two models at the same time but are planning, and we believe that they will succeed, in bringing to us more than five models till the end of the decade. Let’s take a look at what those models are:

Tesla Model 3

The first is the one we are most familiar with, Tesla Model 3. The company already announced this model and had more than 370,000 pre-orders already. This car is mid-size sedan equipped with a battery that will give its driver 215 miles range of fully electric drive.

The base model will cost in the region of $35,000, but higher trims with more range and better performances will be available in the future. All of the models will, according to recent Elon Musk announcement, come with a software that will enable the car to be self-driving.

Tesla’s plan is to start production of these beauties by mid-2017 with first models delivered not long after that. Musk also added that people that are putting their pre-orders right now shouldn’t expect their cars before the end of 2018. The reason is simple, first twelve months of Tesla Model 3 production are already ordered.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y is a public name for Tesla’s upcoming all-electric crossover that will feature ‘Falcon Wing’ doors like Model X. According to Elon Musk, they haven’t given the name to the car just yet. This model will be similar to Model X but with at least one important difference. It will be built on a new platform just like Model 3.

Despite SUV-like similarities that will share with model X it will actually have more likeness with Model 3.

This model is still in line to be presented, and while everybody is eagerly expecting this, but there is still no official word from Musk. Assumptions are as follow; the car is in final stages of development, it will be revealed in not so distant future and its production will start in 2018 right after Model 3

Tesla Pickup

Tesla Pickup is being rumored for a long time now, and Elon Musk didn’t deny the most of these either. He said that Tesla is planning to produce all-electric pickups but that for now Model 3 and Model Y are the priority. Despite that, development of Pickup has started but is still in the early stages.

According to Tesla’s CEO, the concept of the truck will be presented in next six to nine months with production starting after Model 3 and Model Y somewhere in 2019-2020. So far the only idea on how will the Tesla pickup look like we have from these unofficial renderings.

Tesla Minibus

The Tesla Minibus, a name that media came up with, is confirmed by Musk in his revelation of ‘Master Plan Part Deux’. He said that this minibus is in early stages of development and that is being built on Model X platform. Because of this, the minibus will be faster to design and easier to produce. Same as with Pickup we will have to wait for official concept presentation. Musk stated that the minibus is imagined to resemble VW California Custom combi design art. Based on this statement, web-artist also came up with a rendering.

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi is the model that we don’t know almost anything about. Actually, the name doesn’t represent the model itself but the name of the entire program that is working on creating an all-electric heavy-duty truck. The program is being led by former Daimler executive Jerome Guillen where he worked on building Cascadia truck. Same as previous two models this one will have its concept presented in six to nine months and will be on production lines by 2024.