New Champion Crowned On Monday Night Raw


Enzo Amore’s arrival to the Cruiserweight division was refreshing. They got somebody that the fans love to see and somebody that is always going to get a reaction. Right now, if we take Neville out of the picture, he is the biggest star out of all of the guys that are competing under the 205-pound weight limit. The belt was put on him, and all the eyes were on him. But, he dropped that belt this week on Monday Night Raw.

His challenger was Kalisto, and they should have fought at the TLC pay per view, the next Raw-branded event. But, Enzo Amore really didn’t like the fact that he had a contract that said if somebody lays hands on him, they are going to get fired. Kalisto did that last week, but instead of being out of work, he got championship opportunity because he was signed by Kurt Angle after Enzo Amore got his contract.


Enzo was stunned to see Kalisto get that chance and didn’t hold anything towards Kurt Angle. The GM of Raw then confirmed that Enzo will defend his belt. Not at TLC, but in the Main Event of Monday Night Raw in a Lumberjack match.

The fight was quite okay as both of the wrestlers worked really hard and took some great bumps. It was a bit surprising the way match ended as Mustafa Ali of all people was the one that prevented Enzo from winning, causing the distraction and allowing Kalisto to set up the champion for Salida Del Sol. In the end, Kalisto is your new Cruiserweight champion and we will, more than likely, see this match yet again at Tables Ladders and Chairs.