The Shield Reunites On Monday Night Raw!

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins storyline going into the Summerslam was great as the fans really wanted them to get back together while the WWE did an excellent job of teasing their reunion for weeks. In the end, they got quite positive reactions from the crowd, and the storyline was a big success. Two-thirds of the Shield was back in the game.

From that moment on, everybody was wondering if Roman Reigns would join the party. He was in the main event picture at the biggest show of the summer, so it really seemed unlikely that The Big Dog was going to join forces with his former brothers.

Well, just month and a half later, their paths crossed, they have the common enemy. It was the perfect time for them to show everybody why they are one of the most popular and dominant factions.

The tease for this reunion was there going into this edition of Raw, and they finally made it official. The Miz was calling out everybody when the show began. Sheamus and Cesaro also joined the frame, which called for the Hounds of Justice to come out and clean the ring. Shield powerbomb was seen as The Miz was the one on the receiving end.

But, that is not all. We have seen Rollins, Ambrose, and Reigns one more time. When Strowman ended his match with Matt Hardy, the Shield came out and power-bombed The Monster Among Men through the announcer’s desk, which was the biggest spot of the night.

Now, they are going to be in the main event of the TLC pay per view, and the fans are for sure going to tune in to see their first match since Seth Rollins broke up the faction back in 2014.