New Episode of The Curse of the Oak Island Warns of a Potential Shut Down


The Curse of Oak Island new season has arrived. There were some talks that in this season’s episode 3 something could be discovered and that this whole thing could come to an end. In that episode, there will be some “alarming news” that might lead to shutting down everything. However, it doesn’t seem like that will really happen.

Information about that episode says that Rick and Marty Lagina will come across some “hard evidence” that the Europeans were on the Oak Island for over a century before they encountered the Money Pit, which was exactly what they wanted to find, but it won’t be all roses. They disclosed that those “alarming news” might be the reason for the whole operation to stop. However, what they are not telling us is what exactly they will find.


Therefore, it doesn’t seem very probable that they will discontinue the show. Not more than two weeks ago, this season of the show was still being filmed. If the series comes to a halt, it would not be easy to think of new things to produce. We hope that the news is related to something the Lagina brothers might have found. The viewers will have to be patient and wait for episode 3 next week since episode 2 will be broadcast just this week. We are optimistic that they will give us some kind of clue with this chapter.

The Curse of the Oak Island ratings have been really good so far. It seems that the show will stick around while the fans like it and watch it. And we have no reason to think that the series will go under if we take into consideration millions of viewers each week. At the moment, the production is still underway, but they are filming just Season 5.

Stay tuned for more news really soon, and make sure not to miss new episodes of The Curse of the Oak Island!