Suicide Squad 2 Needs Dwayne Johnson

Some reports are indicating that Dwayne Johnson is going to appear as Black Adam in Suicide Squad 2, which could give the movie an enormous boost. The Rock was said to be in the DC’s new movie called Shazam! but that part went to Zachary Levi. Interestingly enough, Dwayne Johnson has never been in a comic-book based film, plus he is going to play the bad guy for the first time in the Suicide Squad sequel. To make things weird, there will be no Black Adam in Shazam!, but he is expected to get a standalone film.

Just like most of the comic book characters, Black Adam has an origin story which changed as the time passed, but you all know him as Shazam’s biggest enemy. Black Adam is both antagonist and anti-hero and being the arch-nemesis of Shazam, two characters have similar power and appearance.

In the original Suicide Squad, several evil characters have been gathered together to fight the threats, and even though it was well-received by the audience, the critical appraisal was lacking. Is adding Dwayne Johnson to the mix going to change that?

What was wrong with the original film? Suicide Squad had everything from the amazing cast, to a bright and trendy soundtrack, but the problem with the movie was the style-over-substance approach. The people behind the film led a fantastic marketing campaign, yet something was missing. Critics were not satisfied with the thin plot either as well as some smaller characters such as Diablo and Rick Flagg that went almost unnoticed.

Moreover, Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress who was the main villain was under-developed, and even though she was supposed to draw sympathy, she turned out to be pure evil. They also criticized Joker and his what could be described a cameo role. Suicide Squad obviously had many issues, with the villains especially, but the presence of Black Adam could offer a solution for some of these flaws in Suicide Squad 2. And Dwayne Johnson is the right man to turn to.