New Isuzu D-Max vs Toyota Hilux

When you consider the midsize pickup segment, you will not fail to notice that the dominating brands and models are mainly Toyota Hilux and the Isuzu D-Max. These two models are competing to get their customers’ attention by offering some of the most profound features and specs one can ever wish for in the motor industry. Both of these machines trace their origin in Japan. Isuzu D-Max has come up with a new overhaul of its look and chassis, making the vehicle highly competitive in the market.

On the other hand, the Toyota Hilux model has been experiencing numerous upgrades in the recent past, and the current version portrays a powerful new look. The manufacturers of these two automobiles have maintained the models up to date in technology and competitiveness. In this article, we will be comparing various components that relate to these top of range vehicles. We shall also consider the price range for these two models and the competitiveness of the specifications on each model. The following are the key categories we shall pay attention to;

1. Car Exterior

If you consider these two models exterior, they both come with rugged features. On a close examination, you will not fail to notice some distinctive features and highlights that are exceptionally unique to each model. For instance, if you consider Isuzu D-Max, it exhibits a superior outdoor look and one of the most profound subtle approaches compared to the Toyota Hilux. On the other hand, when you consider Toyota Hilux, one will notice that this model brings out the face factor that gets concentrated by an overall vibe of the exterior that is slightly conspicuous to Isuzu D-MAX.

Both Isuzu D-MAX and Toyota Hilux come with different and varying accents. Unlike most automobiles of this range that features chrome prominently, these two models prominently consist of the black matte material that is predominantly available in the Toyota D-MAX on the other hand, coms with an accent that is particularly gun metallic.

When you consider both models’ wheels, both Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-MAX come fitted with an 18 inch set of rims alloys. The rims get specifically wrapped with tires 265/60. Despite the similarity in the wheel and alloy design and specification, the two models differ in the design of the rims for each model.

When it comes to visibility, both of these models come fitted with LED headlights and a pair of fog lamps that are pretty critical in maximising night vision. Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-MAX come well equipped with repeaters and side mirrors powered to properly function. Similarly, to provide convenience and comfortability, both of these models come with added features and functionalities such as intelligent keyless entry. The above mentioned keyless smart entry is essential when unlocking the mid size pickup’s door via a conveniently placed button on the car door handle. Both of these models feature roof rails and step boards that are pretty critical when installing roof racks.

It’s also hard to overlook the taillight conspicuously designed in both of these two models. The taillight allows one to transform their model into a sports car due to its rugged appearance. But it’s also important to note that not both of them have a tailgate assist feature as it’s only available in Toyota Hilux. The tailgate assists feature essential as it allows the rear door’s opening and closing quite effortless. Both Isuzu D-MAX and Toyota Hilux have cargo bed features. Still, when you consider Isuzu D-MAX, its cargo bed is more significant than its previous model released by the company.

In terms of ground clearance, both models are pretty high up the ground. Toyota Hilux, for instance, sits slightly above 295 mm above the ground, while its D-MAX counterpart sits on the ground somewhat lower than 240 mm. Finally, in terms of body size, Toyota Hilux has a larger body size than the Isuzu D-MAX.

2. Technology and interior design

One factor that any person considering either of these two models will appreciate is the generous size and space inside these two models. In terms of interior design, Isuzu D-Max comes with some unique and eye-catching interior design that is quite pleasing to the eye. The model comes fitted with some perfect brown leather seats that make the vehicle’s overall interior and ambience appealing. Most of the interior features in Isuzu D-MAX are black with a unique brown layout.

On the other hand, Toyota Hilux comes with a unique sporty theme right from its comprehensive dashboard, interior fabric, and door panels.

Isuzu D-MAX comes with extra amenities that are devoid of the Toyota counterpart. One conspicuous difference is the USB charging port that gets fitted in the Isuzu model backseat for passengers. The steering wheel for both models is equipped with audio controls and also dual-zone climate controls.

When it comes to entertainment, these two models’ manufacturers have done an excellent job to ensure their clients get appropriately entertained. Toyota Hilux comes with a display that is an approximately 8-inch touchscreen. The car gets fitted with Android Auto and CarPlay that are all configured ready to play. Similarly, the vehicle is equipped with a six speakers audio speaker system.

On the contrary, Isuzu D-Max comes with a slightly larger infotainment system compared to the Toyota counterpart. The model also gets fitted with an already configured Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems. When it comes to the Isuzu D-Max speaker system, it has eight speaker systems in total, unlike the six-speaker system available in the Toyota Hilux model. Overall in terms of infotainment, Isuzu D-MAX has the upper hand compared to the Toyota Hilux model.

3. Power

In terms of power exhibited by these models, both have high esteemed capabilities attributed to the potent power plants and 4 x 4 powertrain fitted in both machines. Isuzu gets powered by a blue power turbo diesel engine, while the Toyota Hilux comes with a 2.8 turbo diesel engine. Isuzu D-Max has 187 horsepower and 450 in torque, while Hilux produces 201 horsepower and 500 torque. More of recent reviews of these models at the Car Expert.