New Match Confirmed For Backlash PPV


The next pay per view event that WWE is going to put up is a Smackdown Live branded PPV Backlash that is going to happen in two weeks. Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal will headline the event as they will battle for the WWE Championship. That is a sentence that nobody thought that will ever be said out loud. But, yes, this match is actually happening.

Since we are only two weeks away from the event, the company is trying to make the best card possible with only one show left until the Backlash pay per view. Feuds are being put in the 5th gear, storylines are advancing, and matches are being announced. One of the new battle’s that was just officially presented for the event is “The Artist” known as Shinsuke Nakamura going up against The Show-Off Dolph Ziggler.


On this week’s edition of Smackdown Live Nakamura challenged Ziggler to a match in London, but Dolph said that they are going to fight on his terms, when he wants and where he wants. Ziggler continued by saying that he is waiting for Nakamura at the Backlash PPV. So there it is, the match has been officially announced.

Everybody knew that this duel is in the works and that it is going to happen, but it hasn’t been officially confirmed until yesterday. This is a special showdown for only one reason – it is the main roster debut match of Shinsuke Nakamura. Many people believe that he should be treated as a special attraction and that he should wrestle only during big events. It seems that WWE is trying to follow that pattern as they haven’t overexposed The King Of Strong Style since he made his main roster debut. He hasn’t even appeared in all editions of SD Live which is a good thing in the minds of many smart internet fans.