What Is WWE’s Backup Plan When It Comes To Universal Title?

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As you probably already know, Braun Strowman suffered a real injury and the sling that we have seen on Monday Night Raw wasn’t him just trying to sell his injuries from the match with Roman Reigns at Payback. According to reports, this injury is going to sideline him for at least one month while he can be out for up to two months as well.

Rumors are saying that Strowman was the one to be in the championship picture with Brock Lesnar as they have been preparing him for a legit title shot when Brock Lesnar wrestles his first match at the Great Balls Of Fire pay per view in July. Roman and Strowman were supposed to have a brawl at Extreme Rules to determine the number one contender for Lesnar’s belt. Now, those plans went straight down the toilet which is causing WWE to explore some backup plans.

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As of right now, the inside reports are saying that the organization might do a tournament to crown the number one contender for the championship. That event might start as soon as next week on Raw, with the finals taking place at Extreme Rules pay per view. It is a well-known fact that Vince McMahon doesn’t really like tournaments, so that is why this is just a rumor as of right now.

Because of that, there is still a big chance that Vince just puts Roman Reigns in the position to take away the title from Lesnar, much sooner than he originally planned. That was supposed to happen at the next year’s Wrestlemania 34 event in New Orleans. Now, there is a chance for WWE to speed up that process.