New Mercedes HyperCar – 1,000+ HP Monster To Come

If you are looking for a luxury supercar, certainly one of the companies that will have few models on that list is the Mercedes. Latest reports from this car maker suggest that they will be delivering new hypercar with F1 technology and powertrain that is making more than 1,000 horsepower.

Official release date hasn’t been announced, but German company claims that this beast will be produced in about 2.5 years. Additional details suggest that carbon fiber chassis and body parts will be used while the Formula 1 based hybrid system in combination with modified gearbox will see the light of the day.

Thomas Weber, a Daimler board member whose duty is the development of future models stated in an interview with Reuters “In the past Formula one cars and road cars were separate. Now these are moving closer together.” That was pretty much everything we could hear about the future hypercar.

We are still short on figures related to price, top speed, power, acceleration and similar. What we could hear is that both AMG and Formula 1 engineers are working on the development. In another interview with Reuters, Chief Executive of Mercedes-AMG Division, Tobias Moers, said that they are prepping a vehicle that will produce over 1,000 hp.

Currently, AMG is one of the most successful sports divisions of all car makers. They had a fantastic year as they managed to sell about 70,000 units which represent a huge jump from 2014 result when they sold 32,200 models. One of the main vehicles in this feat was the AMG-GT that was priced at about $100,000 for the base version.

Besides insane hypercar that will be able to compete with Ferarri LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and similar hybrid hypercars, German car maker plans on introducing an additional number of AMG models. Tobias Moers added: “We will top up our portfolio by at least ten newcomers. With that, we will offer a choice of no less than 48 different AMG performance cars.”