Ben Affleck’s Batman – Bane and Deathstroke Theory

Although there will still be a lot of waiting to do for a new Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie, there are already leaks that we started to put together like pieces of a puzzle. Namely, the storyline may be changed by replacing Bane with Deathstroke.

The antagonist Bane appeared for the first time in the Knightfall comic, in which he deduced Batman’s identity, let prisoners from Arkham go and “broke the Bat” because Bruce Wayne was too exhausted to fight. That is all you need to know for the following Knightfall theory.

According to Umberto Gonzalez’s tweet, the Batman storyline doesn’t take place in Arkham Asylum all the time. The beginning of the story will happen when many villains escape the prison, after which the story will move to Gotham City, just like in the Knightfall comic.

It appears that Deathstroke finds his way to the Batcave. If this actually happens, it is logical to think that after he reveals Batman’s identity, he releases Arkham prisoners just like Bane did in Knightfall.

Moreover, Ben Affleck posted a video on Twitter on which we can see Deathstroke.

We cannot for sure tell where Deathstroke is, but it appears to be the entrance to the Batcave. If you look once again, you can see, what appears to be Batmobile behind the antagonist. Once again, Batman will be broken, but not by Bane.

This theory sounds nice but there is something that contradicts it. In Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, the scene where Batman is broken by Bane already happened. Furthermore, Nolan used elements from The Dark Knight Returns and Knightfall.

This is the reason why it would be odd for the next movie to use components and story from Dark Knight Returns and Knightfall. We expect Affleck to mix Knightfall with other stories and maybe create something new. Although there’s evidence to support the theory we will simply have to wait and see what happens.