New Orleans Saints vs. San Diego Chargers – Week 4 Picks And Predictions

One of the worst defenses in the game will have to step up for this winless Saints team. Change needs to happen, or this squad will remain with no wins in the young 2016 season. The main reason for them being without a win is their D. Can they change that on Sunday in San Diego against the Chargers?

Even though they lost Keenan Allen, this Chargers team has looked decent so far. They did suffer that heart-breaking loss after Hilton ran to the end zone for the game-winning score, but they still are a team that is in the middle of the pack.

Phillip Rivers has done what he always does. Makes plays. But again, the Chargers haven’t really put good enough pieces around him. And he probably won’t be able to carry this team to the postseason by himself.

He will definitely put up some numbers in this game against the Saints. So will his rival, Drew Brees. He’s been the only positive thing in New Orleans so far; he is doing what he always does just like Phillip Rivers, but it just seems that Saints are wasting his good years with this putrid defense. He is still in his prime and is passing as good as he has in the past, but pieces around him are just not good enough.

At the end of the day, unless Brees scores over 40 points for New Orleans, Chargers will end up victorious. And that’s what we are predicting. Offense from the Big Easy will show up again, but their D won’t be able to give them much. Chargers are a good offensive team, and they will put up enough points to win this game. San Diego gets it done at home with the final score being 31:27.