New Rampage trailer is out and it is even better than the first one!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the kind of guy that doesn’t slow down easily. He made his momentum with the F&F movie franchize, and from there it was pedal to the metal. Next in line of his big achievements is the movie we have right here called Rampage, and it is set for April 20 release. The first trailer for this action flick was released in November last year, and we saw some pretty cool stuff there. But the one we have today is definitely cooler, and it definitely shows a lot more of the mutated zoo animals based on the classic 1980s video arcade game.

The second trailer we have for you here today has been released recently, and in this one-minute vid, we see a bit more than in the first one. It does lean on the previous video where we saw green mist from that shady projectile that turned Davis Oyoke’s (Johnson) white gorilla buddy George into a 9-foot, 1,000-pound monster basically overnight. But here is where things get tricky, it looks like that George’s mutation is in its beginning and it seems that no one knows just what he might turn into. But this is not the end of their problems because George is not the only one with a mutation problem. Thanks to the process known as “genetic editing” our heroes have two more monsters to deal with – Ralph the wolf and Lizzie the crocodile.

This new trailer shows a bit more of George and the other creatures as they tear down the city of Chicago, with a special treat for all of us – the wolf has wings believe it or not!? The trailer also shows a bit more footage of other cast members such as Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) and bad guy Agent Russell (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). There is also a great scene of what seems to be a military A-10 Thunderbolt II jet flying over jaws of Lizzie. Johnson also has a funny scene which includes his huge muscles, and in it, he’s choking out a soldier and saying “That’s a big arm, don’t fight it.”

The production also sent out a tweet titled “On April 20, BIG MEETS BIGGER” and by the looks of this trailer they are spot on. The Rampage movie is directed by the same guy that did Johnson’s San Andreas and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Brad Peyton and by the looks of things this one will be the first big hit of the 2018 movie season. Can’t wait to see it! How about you?