Stone Cold Steve Austin Returns To Monday Night Raw

How long has it been since Stone Cold Steve Austin retired from professional wrestling? Over 15 years since he called it quits, and yet, he got an amazing reaction on Monday, the kind of reaction that nobody besides Daniel Bryan gets since he retired. Guys in the backstage wish they can get the fans to cheer for them the way they cheered Stone Cold Steve Austin on Raw 25.

Many have stated that WWE should have saved him for the later of the show. But, the company decided that they are going to bring him in the first segment of the night, and they made the right call. The crowd in Brooklyn was going wild, they were ready for some fireworks, and they got it.

Vince got a plaque from his children and was angry about it, telling everybody that he is the sole reason why Raw is the success and on the level that it is. Stone Cold had something to say about it, and he confronted Vince in the ring, together with Shane McMahon.

As soon as Vince said that Stone Cold should take a look at Shane and how good he is looking, we knew that he was going to get a stunner right in his face.

Austin and Vince drank a beer in order to put everything behind them in the past. Then, the music stopped, and Vince was in for a treat as Stone Cold was sizing him up for the final stone cold stunner.

A real beer drinking started then as Stone Cold smashed two beers into each other like he always has done, drank it all and made the fans go crazy again. Truly a great comeback from the biggest babyface in the history of the WWE.