The Miz Shockingly Beats Roman Reigns At Raw 25!

The focus on the Raw 25 event was celebrating the 25 years of the show with some of the stars of the past. But, amongst all the nostalgia acts that were present in Brooklyn and Manhattan, we got some great wrestling action in the Intercontinental Title match between the champion Roman Reigns and The Miz.

Since WWE has always been hell-bent on making Roman Reigns look as good as he possibly can, everybody thought that he was going to be the champion going into Wrestlemania where he is likely going to face Brock Lesnar. That is why this win by The Miz was so shocking.


What was equally shocking is the fact that this match has been great and it made a lot of sense. WWE booked this clash to the perfection, and the guys executed the game plan pretty well.

Since The Miz is that cowardly heel that gets things done the dirty way, he took off the middle turnbuckle and not the top one like everybody usually does it, which is why the referee didn’t notice anything suspicious. That small detail is an example of the perfect booking.

Second Skull-Crushing Finale was enough for the Miz to win the IC title yet again. Nobody expected this to happen as Roman doesn’t often take the pin, but this time, WWE decided that this was the way to go.

Now, this can mean that Roman doesn’t have to defend the championship at the Royal Rumble, which also suggests that he is likely going to enter the match. With the title off of him, it looks like he is poised to have a strong run in the Royal Rumble and maybe even win it. After all, this makes him one of the biggest favorites this Sunday.